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Youth Pastor
Mentorship Program

How it works:


Randy will initially talk with each Youth Pastor to establish priorities for mentoring, and to establish an accountability schedule. This information will be shared with the Senior Pastor for his input, and will be used as the basis for future progress reports. 



  • Youth Pastor will have 24/7 access to Randy via email, SMS text, phone, and/or Facebook

  • Randy will contact the youth pastor once per week via phone or Skype at a regularly scheduled time/day

  • Randy will submit a monthly progress report to Senior Pastor

  • Randy will facilitate a quarterly face-to-face group meeting with youth pastors he is mentoring


Topics Addressed/Covered:


  • Strengthening relationship/communication with senior pastor

  • The importance of organizational skills

  • Building a student leadership team

  • Building a team of volunteers--adults

  • Structuring events, outreaches, mission trips

  • Strengthening preaching/teaching skills

  • Becoming an affective communicator

  • Mobilizing your youth ministry

  • How to affect your community

  • Connecting parents into your ministry

  • Trouble shooting

  • Problem solving

  • How to discipline effectively

  • Valuing the call on your life in ministry

Mentorship Cost:


$150 per month

If you are interested in learning more about the RandyDon Mentorship program, please contact Randy by using the contact form below: 


James Inman

Radiant Church KY

My wife and I have been mentored by Randy for the last 3 years, not only is he giving us tools to speak into this upcoming generation but he constantly pours into our marriage and personal relationships with God. Randy is a voice to the younger generation and has all the wisdom in world to bring increase to the kingdom in a time of desperation. If you are looking to be mentored or are new into youth ministry, he is definitely worth listening to!

Jonathon Serbin

New Life Church

RandyDon's experience and mentoring has helped bring our ministry up to the next level of effectiveness and passion for Christ!

Jeremy Wagner

Life Change Church

I find my time with Randy very valuable on a weekly basis. He helps keep me focused on what's most important and gives me the wisdom I need to lead to my full capacity.

Dave Weir

Journey Church

I’m going into my 10th year of full time ministry. I know how to grow youth numbers. I know how to plan an amazing youth event.  I know how to develop a lesson and speak clearly on stage. However, this is the first time I’ve had a weekly mentor holding me accountable in my spiritual walk and also the growth of the Youth. Randy has helped me think through “going deeper” in ministry. Every week Randy holds me accountable with my spiritual walk with Christ and how I’m passing that into the youth in

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