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Workshops that give you the tools needed to lead the next generation.

The RandyDon Academy is purposed to train, teach, and equip new Youth Pastors who have been working in youth ministry three years or less. The Academy is also a great resource for spouses of Youth Pastors and their leadership teams.

The Academy focuses on  the difference being a servant and a leader and how to achieve the balance of becoming the servant-leader that God has called you to be.

Topics Include: 

  • Every Body Matters: Forming a Scientifically Informed, Biblical Response to Transgender Identities in Today's Youth wrestling with questions of identity is often complex and nuanced. Easy answers won't work. If we want to deescalate the impact on our youth, we need to articulate the Christian sexual ethic in a way that's compassionate and intelligible. Through this 40 minute session we hope to humanize the LGBT+ conversation with compelling responses to their strongest arguments, pairing biblical conviction with the latest social science and medical research.

  • What Makes Social Media Tik(Tok):In this session we’ll talk about the inner workings of social media, the mental and social impact on teens and how you can best educate yourself and interact in this space with the young people you work with.

  • Scared to Life: Fear chases this generation. They arrived in a world where everything that should be stable is shaking. They have grown up too fast in the wrong ways and too slow in the right ways. This session will discuss the power of Jesus to live a courageous life in a scary world. We will further explore the habits of the soul that often must be retrained to overcome persistent anxiety.

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